A look at Hanover Raceway's brand new low takeout pick 4, with comments from the drivers and trainers.

Starting in Race 1 (2:00pm Post Time) this weekend, Hanover Raceway hosts a brand new low 15% takeout Pick 4 pool, guaranteed at $2,000. Tony Elliott and Ryan Clements caught up with some of the drivers and trainers for a comment on their horses.

A free program is available on Hanover Raceway's website.

Race 1:
#1 Deep In The Red
Driver: Austin Sorrie - "Raced good last week, expect more this week"
Trainer: John Curran

#2 Nancy's Girl
Driver: Ryan DesRoche - "She should be tough, has a good post should get away close to the front, if not in a position where she can be top 3"
Trainer: Albert Smith

#3 Tropicana Credit
Driver: Daryl Thiessen - "She has some go, good post position, just green"
Trainer: Jeffery Williamson

#4 Cheezie Motel
Driver: Brett MacDonald - "Green filly not many starts hopefully can make something happen"
Trainer: Chris Hill

#5 Century Georgia
Driver: Bruce Richardson - "Century qualified ok...put in a couple of steps coming to the half...made a few changes and will see how it goes"
Trainer: Peter Brickman

#6 Sunshine Queen
Driver: Terry Fritz - "Green, only one start. Not the best post position but could get into the hunt "
Trainer: Terry Fritz

#7 Jenna Grace
Driver: Garry MacDonald
Trainer: Garry MacDonald

#8 Fashion Blogger
Driver: Ryan Holliday - "First lifetime start, likely green. Looking for a safe trip"
Trainer: Donald Lindsey

Race 2:
#1 Joey's Kidd
Driver: Jonathan Lapointe - "Like his chances big advantage with the rail hopefully the break from racing did him some good"
Trainer: Vernon Cochrane

#2 Majo Rafiki
Driver: Austin Sorrie - "Should be good in that class, hopefully get in the action early."
Trainer: John Kennedy - "First start back, hoping for a good trip. Raced really well last start and has been training well."

#3 AceFortyFourXMan
Driver: Natasha Day - "Xman goes best fresh, but in saying that has had a lengthy break from racing so should improve on Saturday’s race."
Trainer: Allan Breadner

#4 Arrived Late
Driver: Preston Shaw - "Classy horse that can leave hard I think the covid break was good for him!"
Trainer: Paul Megens

#5 Top of the Morning
Driver: Jason Ryan - "Great old classy horse probably needs a start but is all class could be right there at the end ."
Trainer: Rachel Oenema = "Much like a lot of other horses racing today “Popper” hasn’t raced for a little while, there’s early speed to the inside of him but I’m hoping some of his back class will shine through!"

#6 Machcellerator
Driver: Brett MacDonald - "Third time behind the gate after a layoff looking for him to be tighter"
Trainer: Reinhold Duld

#7 Deadwood Hanover
Driver: Nello Guglielmi - "Post position definitely not in favor of deadwood. With the right trip he could prove to be a factor"
Trainer: Nello Guglielmi

#8 Westridge Warrior
Driver: Paul Davies - "Well this will be his first lifetime start on a half mile track but he trained very well over the farm track and got a training mile in at Mohawk in the race bike so I think he’s ready to go"
Trainer: Paul Davies

Race 3:
#1 Presto Score
Driver: Thomas Smith
Trainer: Darryl Holmes - "Made an unchararistic break last week, try to go for a flat trip this week"

#2 Land Of Royalty
Driver: Daryl Thiessen - "Should be competitive, has a big engine, just need to get it started up"
Trainer: Robert Daer

#3 Don't Exclude Me
Driver: Preston Shaw - "I have never drove him but trainer expects him to improve off of the qualifier."
Trainer: Ruth Moore

#4 Livin OnA Dream
Driver: Brett MacDonald - "Raced great last week in his debut as a three year old should be tighter and will like this bunch"
Trainer: Stephen Bossence

#5 Weehawken
Driver: Natasha Day - "Weehawken was honest last week. Hoping for solid pace in the race and she can be finishing close."
Trainer: Colonel Schneider - "Trained good this week, didn't race too bad first start. Hopefully a little tighter this week and hope to get away a little better."

#6 Better Joy
Driver: J Bradley Harris - "She’s gonna be ok filly just needs to get a little tighter she was weak in qualifier"
Trainer: Jeffrey Williamson

#7 Game Over Panic
Driver: Austin Sorrie - "bad post position, first start back, hope to get in the action."
Trainer: Allan Breadner

Race 4:
#1 Deputy Seelster
Driver: Doug McNair - "I don't know anything about him other than he had a good line last week. I would like to control the race off the rail!"
Trainer: Dale Fritz - "Good post position, good driver, should be in the hunt. Raced good last week, just had a bit of road trouble"

#2 Big Sir
Driver: Ryan Holliday - "Good first impression, assuming a repeat is favourable"
Trainer: Rebecca Geisel

#3 Carsons Kennedy
Driver: Bruce Richardson - "Carson was in a slow qualifier but finished up strong....1st race went quick and we got away near the back...think drop 6 seconds....getting better each time behind the gate"
Trainer: Vicki Gregg - "Draws better this week, hope to get in the action and get more experience racing."

#4 The Joy Of Sports
Driver: Michael Horner
Trainer: Mark Horner - "Good qualifier, home in 28 and change, should be alright. First start of the year, but hoping he can get at least piece of it."

#5 Lucks All Credit
Driver: Thomas Smith
Trainer: Jayne Walker

#6 Dexter Don
Driver: John Gaskell
Trainer: John Gaskell

#7 Write Him Up
Driver: Terry Fritz - "First lifetime start, didn't see much speed in the qualifier. Get into the race and see what happens"
Trainer: Terry Fritz

#8 TheRubberDuckie
Driver: Daryl Thiessen - "Should be alright, have a chance to win with a good trip"
Trainer: Jeffrey Williamson

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more detailed analysis and handicapping of these 4 feature races. Also, don't miss your free chance at winning $100 in the Survivor Challenge.

Posted by Tony Elliott & Ryan Clements

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