Can you introduce yourself?

My name is David Urbaniak. I am 55 yrs old and live in River Vale N.J.. I am permanently disabled with a rare form on ALS(PLS). Ex Mortgage Banker and Day Trader. Married with two kids, a son who is a Senior at Northeastern and a daughter who is a Freshman at Ohio State.

When did you start playing Off and Pacing?

June of 2017. Season 6 I think. I was skeptical at first thinking that it couldn’t be cool. I then saw a tweet from Jimmy Marohn Jr. saying he was on board. I downloaded it and I’ve been hooked since Day 1.

Have you been involved in the harness racing/horse industry in real life?

Not directly involved but an avid fan since 1981 (Junior in High School). I live 20 minutes from the Meadowlands and my girlfriend at the time had a cousin who was dating a trainer. I went one night with them and her family and the rest is history. I went to the first Hambo there won by Shiaway St. Pat and hadn’t missed one up until a few years ago. My favorite memory was being all over Windylane Hanover at 25/1 in the 2002 Hambo Oaks. She snuck through on the rail with a brilliant drive by Pierce and I went crazy. I was there for the Cam Fella-Speedy Can battle of the undefeateds, Genghis Khan-Beatcha match race and Probe-Park Avenue Joe dead heat in the Hambo.

What is your favourite part of Off and Pacing?

My favorite part is breeding. The adrenaline rush when a 4-5 or 4-6 is born is awesome. A bad crop can also ruin your day.

What has kept you playing the game for so long?

The pursuit of breeding that one world beater. Also, hoping each season your best horses can compete for trophies. Overall, the game is addicting and my interest has never waned.

What would you like to see changed or added to the game?

Not much. Maybe somehow create a print or a screenshot of a photo finish if that’s possible.

What advice would you give to a new player just starting the game today?

Advice I would give to a new barn is learn to be patient. Don’t give up on young horses. Turn them out and wait. You will be rewarded. Second, learn to enter horses in races that match their abilities. Enter the race that horse has the best chance of being competitive. This will come intuitive over time. Third, open your breeding barn as soon as possible. Try to accumulate as many broodmares as possible. In my second season of breeding I got lucky and sold a foal for 45 million. That really helped me get going.

Do you have any goals for your stable in the future?

My goal is to always have a quality group every season. I try to maintain that quality in every age group. Upgrading the mares in my barn is always a priority. Hopefully with a little luck I will breed that world beater someday soon.

Posted by Ryan Clements

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