Can you introduce yourself?

Les Bowden, 49, Timaru, New Zealand, proud owner of Flying Gnomes stable and the birthplace of the Rednip breeds. Rednip is my wifes name backwards!

When did you start playing Off and Pacing?

Way back in season 6

Have you been involved in the harness racing industry in real life?

I have been involved in ownership syndicates for both Standardbred and Thoroughbred.

What is your favourite part of the game?

The interaction with people from all over the world and different walks of life. There is no way I would have met all the awesome people if it wan't for the social meadia platforms associated with this game.

What has kept you playing the game for so long?

The speed that time moves. 2 race weeks per day is perfect. I love to experiment with breeding and that is always a great topic of conversation with a lot of people. But ultimately I think it is the chance every 26 days to hopefully produce the best horse the game has ever seen.

What would you like to see changed in the game?

Just the usual. Driver AI and driver awareness. A broadening of the races so that they are not all North American centred. The racing styles all around the world are different. Imagine a European region with trotters and racing over longer distances. That appeals to me.

What win are you most proud of?

Not a win but a 2nd place will always stick with me. 2nd in the Cam Fella Colts division final with my first reall good horse way back in season 10!

Who is your favourite virtual horse?

Rednip Vege Machine. Set me on a great journey. Upset a few with his super cheap breeding fees. Bred out all 300 breeds in 26 minutes at 2k at the start of season 11.

What advice would you give to a new player just starting the game today?

Patience, patience and more patience. Listen and actually hear the advice given as most of it is from players who have been exactly where you are. If you want to get ahead quickly then buy coins but spend wisely. It is possible to go the hard route and start in low claimers but it takes a lot longer.

Do you have any goals for your stable in the future?

Race lots, breed lots and keep experimenting with breeding (ps. patterns do exist!)

Posted by Ryan Clements

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