Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Pete Aiello. I’m 34 years old from South Florida

When did you start playing Off and Pacing?

October of 2018. I remember the date because myself and jockey Edgard Zayas started playing Catch Driver in the jockey’s room at Gulfstream West before the races and then I saw an ad for OAP and downloaded it. I told Edgard and his valet Nelson that they needed to download it and the competition has been ON ever since. Both Edgard’s wife Ashley and my girlfriend Lindsay have yelled at us both for not being able to stop playing the game.

Have you been involved in the harness racing/horse industry in real life?

Yes I have. I am currently the announcer at Gulfstream Park in South Florida and have worked at thoroughbred and harness tracks all over North America. I spent a summer in Alberta working with Standardbreds both in the racing office and on the backside and it still holds some great memories. It was my 1st real experience not only with Standardbreds but also working hands on with horses and it was absolutely amazing.

How’d you get your start in race announcing?

Actually a video game! I was a huge horse racing fan by the time I was 12 or 13. So my dad bought me a horse racing computer game called Hooves of Thunder and I was completely addicted. I mastered the game but didn’t want to stop playing it so I wrote down the names of the horses and started mumbling to myself (purely for my own entertainment). I got louder and louder and would do it almost daily. Things took off from there. I went to the University of Arizona’s Race Track Industry Program and took advantage of every opportunity I could and the rest I guess is history.

What is your favourite part of Off and Pacing?

What I love about it is that it’s simple, yet extremely intricate. There are so many layers to the game and you can play the game to your liking…be successful but be in a completely different league as someone else. I learned that very quickly.

What has kept you playing the game for so long?

Because there’s so many layers and levels to the game…you’re always challenging yourself to be better. I’m probably the only profile you will have that’s won over 2500 races but never won a single trophy. So that’s the next goal…win a trophy. And I know as soon as I win one, I’ll want to win another. That’s the great thing about the game…challenges are not hard to come by.

What would you like to see changed in the game?

I wish the “turned out” feature did something. I love to play the claiming game and try to find horses that have been mismanaged. The idea of being able to “freshen one up” and get them back on track is something I’d really enjoy and something I think would help the smaller stables when they just get underway.

What win are you most proud of?

That’s a tough one. My friend Ben Taylor (Redfish Racing) who works with me at Gulfstream bred a nice colt named Naturdays. The same season I bred my best horse to date, Zees Femme Fatale. We finally ended up in the same race a couple weeks ago. It was an off week stakes wise so we were both in the Open. I got parked past the ¼ and made 2 moves before the 3/4ths. Naturdays pulls and drives the lead and my mare digs deep and comes back and beats him a nose. Definitely the most satisfying win so far.

Who is your favourite virtual horse?

I guess Zee’s Femme Fatale….just because she’s the best horse I’ve ever had and is a homebred that is also by a homebred out of a homebred. That said, if it weren’t for Electric Zee, a horse I claimed at the tail end of his career for $15,000…I wouldn’t have any good homebreds. He was my foundation sire.

What advice would you give to a new player just starting the game today?

Enjoy the game on your level. Don’t try to compete with the big boys right away. Find your niche and improve slowly.

Do you have any goals for your stable in the future?

I have a LOT of goals….all of which are trophy related. I’ve got to get some of those!

Posted by Ryan Clements

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