Introducing the Catch Driver Showdown at Hanover Raceway

Drivers at Hanover Raceway this summer will have a little something extra to race for as they line up behind the gate this Saturday, and every week this season thanks to the Catch Driver Showdown. Think of it as a season long driving championship, but not as you’ve ever seen one before. In the Catch Driver Showdown, drivers receive points based on the two dollar win, place, and show payouts for horses they drive.

We have a nice little prize for the top driver each week, and we will be keeping a leaderboard to crown a champion at the completion of the season. The eventual champion will receive a sponsorship offer from Catch Driver that includes a brand new custom helmet. Should the winning driver choose to accept the offer, they will represent Catch Driver and The Farm Games, and receive other perks including a product allowance, branding and design from our team, promotion and more.

With the new Saturday afternoon (2pm) post time we are expecting to see a very competitive colony of drivers at Hanover Raceway this summer. Combine that with the track’s forward thinking in providing an HD live stream on Facebook and YouTube of all their races, and we think Hanover is the perfect place for this exciting new initiative to get it's start.

"We are very excited to partner with The Farm Games to bring this new take on a drivers challenge to our track! This innovative competition format gives any driver a chance to win a sponsorship opportunity from an industry leading company."

-Tony Elliott, Assistant to the GM Hanover Raceway

As we continue to find ways to support the horse racing community and industry, we want to thank all of you for your continued support of our games. Please tell your friends to download the games - and a 5 star review in the App Store can go a long way towards promoting our industry by making harness racing more visible in the app stores.

Let’s get racing! Good luck to all the drivers getting back in the sulky this coming week.

Posted by Ryan Clements

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