Brett MacDonald scores big in the Catch Driver Showdown

The Catch Driver Showdown is off to an exciting start, in what was a close battle all day long. The points system, designed to reward drivers for making the most of any opportunity they are given, proved to keep the possibilities for a winner open down to the very last race. Drivers are awarded points equal to the $2 Win, Place, and Show payouts for horses they drive- which means a driver can win the contest regardless of how much power they are given to drive for the day. At the end of the day, the driver who rewards players with the highest total payout is the victor.

Brett MacDonald had a second and two third place finishes through seven races before winning with 19-1 shot Eataamsmagicmeme from post 7 for trainer Kyle Bossence.
Brett MacDonald takes home the weekly prize: a ritter stopwatch, $50 esso gift card, and a Catch Driver T-Shirt
Doug McNair had an eventful day winning 3 races (including a deadheat), and having his horses go off stride in 3 other races - one of which was an unfortunate break in the stretch with what looked to be a sure win in race 4 with #2 St Helens. He was in contention for the win all day, but in the end had to settle for a 5th place finish, having secured 33 points towards the season long contest.
Paul Davies made the most of his single drive on the card, winning from post 7 in the 10th with Veneno who he also trains and owns. He picked up 38.8 points for the effort and heads into week 2 of the showdown in 3rd place.
Daryl Thiessen had three drives on the day, but will look to play catch up in the standings next week.
Natasha Day didn't have much go her way in week one, with 3 of her drives breaking stride. She did manage to find one third place finish to put herself on the board in 12th place.
Jason Ryan hit the board 4 times from 6 drives to position himself nicely in 6th place with 29.9 points heading into week 2 of the showdown.
Ryan Desroche only had two drives for the day, but managed to pick up a second place finish to get on the board.
Austin Sorrie had a win, a second, and a third on the day to keep himself well positioned in 7th with 29.6 points heading into week 2 of the showdown.
Bruce Richardson held the lead from race 1 all the way until race 8 where Brett MacDonald found his way to the winners circle with a 19-1 shot.
Ryan Holliday walks away from the day sitting 4th in the season standings. He hit the board in 6 of his 8 drives, slowly grinding his way to earn 35.6 points

Posted by Ryan Clements

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