Austin Sorrie makes quick work of the competition in Week 3 of the Catch Driver Showdown

It took only 3 races for driver Austin Sorrie to put up enough points to beat the rest of the driving colony this week, with a 9/2 winner in the first, a 8-1 winner in the second and a 9-1 runner up in the third.

Austin Sorrie put up 67.9 points in total from his 4 drives on the day. Austin also jumps ahead of Bruce Richardson narrowly in the season long battle with 132.5 points total, just ahead of Bruce's 130 point tally.
Jason Ryan put up 54.7 points from a 2nd place finish in race 2 at 42-1, which briefly gave him the lead on the day. It looked as if he might steal the weekly win after winning the 7th race and having 2 drives remaining on the card. Unfortunately he wasn't able to hit the board with either of those drives, and settled for a 2nd place finish on the day with 64.2 points, losing to Austin Sorrie by only 3.7 points.
Ross Battin was a perfect 2 for 2 on the day, which was enough to land him in 3rd place on the weekly standings with 34.5 points. This competition can be won with a single drive, but unfortunately for Ross' chances this week, the betting public thought his horses had a strong chance for victory- paying $6.90 and $11.90 to win.
Doug McNair put up another strong showing, hitting the board in 6 of the 10 races on the day. From 10 drives he had a win, a second, and 4 third place finishes for a 0.289 UDRS on the day. With his 30.8 point performance, he is the only driver to score 30+ points in all 3 weeks. He is right in the hunt for the season long championship, currently sitting in 5th place.
Ryan Holliday had a win, a second and 2 thirds from 7 drives, putting up 26.3 points for his efforts. He is currently sitting in 6th overall.
Scott Young made his first appearance of the summer at Hanover Raceway to drive Highland Salsa in the 9th race. He will have to look to put up his first points towards the Catch Driver Showdown next time he's in town though, finishing 4th place in his single drive on the card.
Brett MacDonald wasn't able to find the winners circle today from 8 drives, but did manage to put up a 2nd place finish, and two 3rd place finishes for a total of 11.1 points. He is currently in 4th place in the overall standings.
It was a quiet day for the defending weekly champion Bruce Richardson, as he only had 3 drives on the card. A 2nd place finish at 11-1 netted him 8.3 points on the day, which came up just short of keeping him in the lead on the season.
Colin Kelly had a win and a third from 6 drives- scoring 9.4 points for his first appearance of the season.
J Bradley Harris took advantage of his 2 drives for the day, finishing 2nd in both races at odds of 10-1 and 51-1. He put up 22.2 points, enough for a 6th place finish for the week.

The weekly winner, Austin Sorrie, is awarded a Ritter stopwatch, a $50 Esso gift card, and a Catch Driver T-Shirt. Drivers score points based on the $2 Win, Place, and Show payouts for every horse they drive.

The season champion will receive a sponsorship offer from Catch Driver that includes a brand new custom helmet. Should the winning driver choose to accept the offer, they will represent Catch Driver and The Farm Games, and receive other perks including a product allowance, branding and design from our team, promotion and more.

Week 3 Results:

Season Standings:

Posted by Ryan Clements

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